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5 Benefits of Using Natural Products for Your Dog

Mar 2024

Natural dog grooming products are all the rage today, promising to maintain and enhance our dog’s health.

But before we dive into our top 5 benefits for using natural products, what does “natural” actually mean?

Natural ingredients 

Natural ingredients are, quite simply, produced by nature, whether from plants, animals, microbes, or minerals. One of Plume Care’s favourite natural ingredients is Aloe Vera, a plant famous for its soothing & anti-inflammatory properties. We also love using Jojoba Oil in our gentle Fur Baby Collection to protect hair follicles and Cucumber Extract for some added hydration. 

But how do these natural ingredients turn into the clear Fur Baby Dog Shampoo that we know and love? During production, natural ingredients undergo minimal modifications. That is, they’re produced using simple processing methods (like pressure) that maintain nutritional integrity. 

Unfortunately, just because a product is labelled as “natural” on the market, doesn’t mean that it’s actually natural. The pet grooming industry is poorly regulated, meaning that products with high concentrations of highly-processed chemicals can still be labelled as “natural.” This type of misleading advertising is known as “greenwashing.”


At Plume Care, we firmly believe in using only real, natural ingredients. Powered by plants, our Gentle Fur Baby Collection harnesses only the safe & clean parts of science. 

With ingredients derived from Guava fruit, Lavender, and florals, our Lavender Dog Hydrating Mist is produced simply and naturally!


Enough about technicalities. Let’s get right into our top 5 benefits of using natural products for your dog!

1. Healthier skin & coat

So what’s the problem with non-natural chemicals? A prime example is silicones, a rubber-like substance that creates the illusion of shine and smoothness. Key word—illusion. Once the rubbery layer disappears, so does the “shine.” Over time, silicones accumulate, clogging pores and masking the damage beneath. 

Another one is sulphates, harsh chemical cleansers that strip coats of moisture. Don’t let the suds fool you. Suds do not equal safe & clean!

The solution? Natural, non-toxic alternatives. Plume Care replaces silicones with our well-loved Aloe Vera and replaces sulphates with Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, a mild cleanser derived from coconut oil, especially made for sensitive skin! Committing to our natural dog care products not only repairs chemical damage but also promotes healthy & shiny coats. 


2. Goodbye to dry, irritated, & itchy skin

As our dogs go about their day, irritants, toxins, and allergens are inevitable. Non-natural, chemical cleansers add to the damage, stripping coats of protective oils and causing dry, irritated, & itchy skin that can develop into dermatitis. 

What we can do as dog parents, however, is choose natural products that gently remove dirt, chemicals, allergens, and nourishes, repairs damage.

On the lookout for an iconic shampoo & conditioner duo? Check out our Fur Baby Lavender Dog Shampoo plus our Lavender Dog Hydrating Mist

Kuji spotted with our favourite Fur Baby Lavender Collection! What a su-paw-star.


Natural, hypoallergenic, and smells like a dream? It hardly gets better than that. 


3. Immunity boost

Quick trivia: What’s the largest organ in the body? Ding, ding, ding. You guessed it, skin!

You’d be surprised how important skin is to immunity, both for us and our dogs. As our natural, first line of defence, skin is absolutely vital in protecting us against viruses and allergens. 

Non-natural chemicals disrupt skin’s pH balance, leaving dogs more prone to pathogens that cause diseases and disorders. Natural products both maintain this delicate equilibrium and level up their immune systems against nasty invaders. 

Healthy skin wards off irritants and retains moisture. Damaged skin? Not so much


4. Safe for you, too

You, your baby or any other family member will inevitably come into contact with the products you use on your  dog. So why not choose pet care products without all the nasties and that are actually both safe for you and your dog?

Psst… our Fur Baby Collection is exactly that, packed full of natural ingredients suitable for all skin types and life stages without nasty chemicals like parabens, SLS/SLES, sulphates, and drying alcohols.

5. Cruelty-free, sustainable, & environmentally-friendly

If you’re reading this, you likely care about choosing sustainable and, of course, cruelty-free products that are both gentle on the skin and our planet. Some good markers to keep in mind are FSC-certified packagings, biodegradability & compostability, and ethically-sourced ingredients.

By using eco-friendly products, you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to making our earth a healthier place for us and our fur babies. Stay green!

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