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Why NOT to Use Human Shampoos on Your Dog

Feb 2024

In many ways, our fur babies and us humans are alike: we love some of the same foods and are prescribed some of the same medications. But when it comes down to regular bathing, our human shampoos simply do not make the cut. Here’s why. 

  1. Our skin is different

Dog and human skin differ drastically, both in structure and function. Dogs have more hair follicles (the pores around hair) than we do, and the follicles are organised differently. The result? Varying oil and bacterial environments. 

In particular, the pH balance, the measure of acidity, of skin is absolutely vital in maintaining cell health, retaining moisture, and avoiding infection. Dogs’ skin have a pH balance of 6.5 (on a Maltese) to 8.0 (on a Labrador). In contrast, human skin falls between 4.8 to 5.8—significantly more acidic. 

Human shampoos are formulated to protect human pH balances. They, however, do not support canine pH balances. So should you use human shampoos on your dog? No. You’ll alter their natural pH balance, leaving them more prone to infection, irritation, and dryness. 


  1. Dogs’ skin is more sensitive

While we humans sport 10 to 15 layers of skin cells, our fur babies have only 3 to 5 layers. In other words, 70% less. Not only that, but their skin sheds and renews at a much faster rate. Because of this, our dogs’ cells are more sensitive to the harsh ingredients/chemicals found in human shampoos, stripping coats of protective oils and causing irritation. 

Human shampoos may also be harder to rinse out from thicker coats and undercoats due to silicones, conditioning agents, and detergents, leaving behind nasty residues that can lead to buildup and infection. 


  1. Harsh chemicals/ingredients

Human shampoos often contain ingredients like artificial fragrances. In case you’re wondering, no, the rich vanillas that we love are not appealing to pups. In fact, their heightened sense of smell can find them overwhelming. Over time, excessive exposure can damage your dog’s nose & smell. 

Ingredients like lanolin that moisturise human hair are not suitable for dogs, leaving their coats greasy and attracting dirt. Certain active, medicated components, like salicylic acid, may also be too harsh for our fur babies, potentially disrupting their skin & coat health. 

This is not to mention cancer-causing parabens and drying sulphates.


  1. What about baby shampoos?

Short answer is no. Why? While baby shampoos are made with baby-grade ingredients, they should not be used on dogs since they’re not designed for their pH balances. In the long term, for the health and safety of our pups, it’s best to stock up on their favourite dog shampoo.  

It’s tempting (we understand) but the investment is so worth it!


  1. Finding the right shampoo specific for your dog

On the lookout for a natural and plant-based dog shampoo tailored to your dog’s pH balance? Check out our Fur Baby Dog Shampoo, powered by Nature’s finest, baby-grade ingredients that gently cleanse and nourish dogs’ skin & coat specific for dogs’ pH balance. 

And bonus point: our Fur Baby Dog Shampoo features a pure blend of aloe vera, blueberry & cucumber extract, and vitamin B5—almost good enough to eat!

But wait, it gets better. Our Fur Baby Dog Shampoo is free of all irritating ingredients like parabens, SLS/SLES, sulphates, artificial colours and dyes, silicone, or artificial fragrances. 

So what are you waiting for?

Protect and pamper your fur babies today with the Fur Baby Dog Shampoo!


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