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Why Choose a Human-Standard Gentle Cleansing Dog Shampoo?

Nov 2023

As pawrents, we all want the best for our fur babies: including keeping them happy, healthy and clean. Staying healthy - we all focus on nutrition first, but we forget that it also comes down to the every day life products we use on our fur babies (using the right care products is very important for their well-being too!)

While the traditional dog shampoos found on shelves seem like the most convenient and affordable option, they often contain multiple harsh ingredients/chemicals that can irritate our fur baby's skin & coat. This is why choosing the right shampoo is very important.

Let's see what are the benefits of using our Human-Standard Gentle Cleansing Dog Shampoo:

1.Better for your fur baby

Many traditional dog shampoos contain harsh ingredients that can over time lead to dryness, itching & other skin issues.

Our Fur Baby Shampoo is 99% natural & plant-based, pH balanced. Powered by Nature through Science, using Nature's finest ingredients known for their properties to soothe, nourish & deeply-cleanse the skin & coat. Free of irritating ingredients such as parabens, SLS/SLES, sulfates, artificial colours or dyes, silicone, artificial fragrances. 

2.Better for the planet

Many traditional dog shampoos contain chemicals that are harmful not just to your fur baby but also to our planet.

Using Fur Baby, you can rest-assured our ingredients are 100% biodegradable and safe for plants & animals. Better for your fur baby and for our planet too!

3.Effective without the side effects

Many traditional dog shampoos contain ingredients that will make your fur baby's coat shine an unhealthy way... These ingredients stay on the fur strand & are hard to wash away. Leaving product build-up onto your fur baby's skin which over time can lead to irritations, itchiness & skin related issues.

Using our natural, plant-based shampoo, your fur baby will get a healthy looking skin & coat naturally without any of these harsh ingredients on their skin or unwanted side effects!

4.Safe for your family

If you have a baby at home, the products you use on your fur baby are equally as important as the products you use on your baby! Your fur baby and baby are living together under the same household & will be in touch with the products you use on them. 

Using a product which is safe for both your baby & fur baby is the best!

 In conclusion, choosing the right dog shampoo can really benefit your fur baby's well-being! 

Let's not forget after all...

Happy (healthy) Dog, Happy Life!

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